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Publish on 12-24-2020
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Sophia Kwan Weddings
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Our Style: Emotion is at the heart of our craft

True beauty lies within you – inside and out. You naturally have what it takes and we are here to help you bring out your best qualities through our craft.

This is why we use documentary photography, complete with a touch of minimalism and femininity.

We simply tell the story as it unfolds on the day with an emphasis on every detail - from the subtlety of your facial expressions to the gentle flow of your wedding gown to inspire an emotional connection in the elegant photos.

We pride ourselves in delivering heartfelt emotions from a female’s perspective. Each blissful moment counts and it is a privilege to capture and be able to relive them for the rest of your life.

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Wedding / 婚禮攝影及錄影

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Wedding / 婚禮攝影及錄影

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Wedding / 婚禮攝影及錄影

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